An Organic Butterfly


cropped-img_20151119_143840.jpegRecently while listening to a podcast, I heard the host utter the words, “Every time we make a decision, we exhaust ourselves”. Wow. Aren’t we already exhausted as a society? I mean, isn’t life already exhausting and now every little decision I make, no matter how compounding or how miniscule, is apparently just sucking the life out of me. No wonder I am so exhausted and literally crawl into bed every night!

I am tired of being tired. I don’t want to make hundred of decisions every day (What do I eat for breakfast? What am I going to wear today? Did I take out anything for dinner? When was the last time I took my multi-vitamin?) And on and on and on… By 9pm, I am just tired. And I can’t be the only one.

I need to lighten the load.

I know that there will always be stressors in life, but I need to learn to roll with the punches on a much more significant and meaningful level.

I need space. Space to breathe. Space to just be. And this little corner of the internet will be my own beach umbrella in the proverbial sand. A place for my thoughts to give rise to my words.

Simple living is important to me.

I want a meaningful life. I don’t want to just get by.

I want a simple life. I don’t want to befriend the chaotic.

I want a healthy life. I don’t want to get comfortable in the armchair of exhaustion.

I have been for too long, the caterpillar in the cocoon and now I am emerging from my chrysalis into an organic butterfly.

A simple living, mind fully loving, butterfly. As I navigate these waters and move into this wonderful new direction, I will share posts on:

  • Simple Living
  • Minimalism
  • Healthy Eating
  • Favorite Podcasts
  • Favorite Simplistic and Minimalistic Reads
  • Exercise and Meditation

I look forward to sharing my journey with you!


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