When The Media Bums You Out

2016 has been an interesting year to say the least. With what’s gone on here in the states as well as in the world, it is enough to make anyone say, “I’ve had enough!” And guess what? I have.

Last month, sometime around the beginning of August, I decided not to follow any news organizations on twitter anymore. I was tired quite frankly, of my twitter feed constantly being filled with the political nonsense that is our election cycle and people’s opinions and the vitriol that seemed to accompany it. I had had it up to here…and then some.

I also decided that the television wasn’t going to get my attention either. The world was going to keep on spinning whether or not my attention span was going to accompany it. The politics that is currently engulfing our nation was going to continue to engulf whether or not I threw my hands up in despair at the continued histrionics that is the news.

People getting sick, people losing their lives, continued in-action by representatives whose job it is to get some action done, I really couldn’t take it anymore. I am an emotional person by nature, an empath. I can’t watch bad news and then shrug it off and go make dinner. News stories stay with me for days. I get sad. I get despondent. I can’t shake it off.

So I simply cut the proverbial cord. I had to.

Don’t get me wrong. What is happeningย in our nation is important. Who wins our country’s election in November is important. What is going on in other nations is important. But I also think it is important to notice when we are on information overload, and know that it is okay to step back. It is okay to take some deep breaths and walk away for a while.

With the advent of 24-hour news cycles and social media, we know everything and anything that is happening at any given moment all the time. And frankly, it can be overwhelming.

So if you feel like the media and the news is bumming you out, it is okay to take a break from it. Come back when and if you want to.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t going anywhere.

Have you ever taken a media break? How long was your break? Let me know in the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “When The Media Bums You Out

  1. Amen, Mackenzie! I’ve had to take a break too. Immediately after the conventions, I read and read everything (not a news watcher but reader) and it eventually caught up to me. I was depressed by the stupidity, meanness and ugliness of the election. Even more so, I was extremely frustrated by how vicious and hateful everyone was becoming (on every side) and how that was becoming an acceptable response. I’ve dramatically cut back because it left me in a foul, depressed mood too. I want to be informed but everything is so relentlessly foul these days. And there is so much glee in reporting it.


  2. I am right there with you. I’ve taken a media break several times (and am currently on one now) and I always feel so much happier when I do. So much more at peace. There’s really very little benefit to watching the shock value TV that news media has turned into. I just tell my friends that if anything really big happens they’ve got to make sure and call me. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  4. I had to step back as well. Even as I write this (on my tablet) I have committed to stay away from news sources, FB and Luther social media sources that do nothing but depress. I have so much more time to blog and work on my business! I don’t think I’ll get sucked in so easily again.


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