Lessons From a $6 Tube of Lipstick

Impulse purchases and thinking that because someone else has or looks good in something means you need that item, is what advertisers and brick and mortar stores pride themselves on. “You need this item”. “You know that person’s Instagram picture that you admired? To get that look, purchase this!”

You get the idea.

Fun fact: I love vintage clothing, accessories, make-up and hairstyles. I honestly think I was born in the wrong era. Victory curls, swing music, a great pencil skirt, I love looking at it all.

Looking at it being the key phrase. Not actually buying all the things and wearing them. I am at heart, a jeans and t-shirt girl. Peep-toe shoes are highly uncomfortable and my Converse are my go-to accessory. I also do not wear red lipstick.

Ever. Like, not since a random few times in high school and college. And it was probably for a special occasion if I remember right.

But for some reason, aliens invaded my body and I purchased a tube of lipstick. In red. Whaaaaaa??

No offense to those that rock that tube of red every day like it’s nobody’s business. You go, girl! 🙂

But for me, casual California dresser extraordinaire, why the heck did I buy this thing and where the hell am I going, that I will need to wear something like this? Because let’s be honest, I ain’t wearing red lipstick to church (my grandmother would turn over in her grave), and I am not going to school pick-up or the doctor’s office looking like a disco bunny. I jest, I jest, but you get the point: I  DO NOT WEAR RED LIPSTICK. EVER!!!

So what was behind this purchase?

Looking at pictures and wanting to be something that to be honest, I just am not. Almost about to enter another decade, and I am still learning things. I am learning, albeit the hard way, that I am fine just the way I am.

I am just me. Happiest with jeans and a t-shirt with some sort of saying on it. Happiest with my Converse or ballet flats. Happiest with boots and a cardigan.

I am not going to be a vintage pin-up girl. It just ain’t going to happen. But I can admire those women that can rock the look. What you guys do with your make-up, hair, and clothing is simply ah-mazing!!!! #vintagegirlsrock

Although I think in another life I was dancing to swing music and riding in a great big Packard with my carefully waved hair, in this lifetime I am just Mackenzie.

And that’s fine with me


9 thoughts on “Lessons From a $6 Tube of Lipstick

  1. Part of me wishes I could be that girly girl all the time and be miss. feminine 2016, but that’s not me either, and I hate the effort and certainly hate spending money on clothes nowadays. So hopefully everyone will accept me as I am. And if not? To hell with them!


  2. Stick with the comfortable, casual style for sure! And here’s the thing – there is nothing unattractive about that style. A t-shirt doesn’t have to be a potato sack – it can be flattering. Same for jeans. There might be the odd occasion when you can be “that (vintage?) girl”, and then you can go for it – even the red lipstick bit : )


  3. One thing I’ve always loved about California is that there is no one style. Everyone rocks their own look and we accept it. I’ve lived in places where you definitely had to conform to the “norm” so I appreciate here I can rock jeans and t-shirts or something vintage to ultra modern. And you’re right. We all like Mackenzie exactly the way you are. 🙂


  4. Love, love, love this, Mackenzie!! I struggle with this sometimes too. I see the glamour and the glitz and I feel badly for wanting to be in my jeans, sweatpants (nice sweatpants, like the yoga pants) and Adidas. And then, like you, I remember that that’s who I am, and that’s okay. 🙂


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