You Have a Choice

Decisions, choices, problems, tasks, minutiae, items, lists, issues, etc…

We are bombarded daily with things that need to be done, should be done, or things that we feel that ought to be done. And sometimes that quagmire of decision-making can leave us inert and impotent, not making a decision at all. Feeling like what’s the point, and leaving what we really want, to be unfulfilled and unresolved.

And procrastination just seems sooooo much easier, right?

But procrastination causes us to stay in that quagmire, not growing, not reaching our potential, not being the best person that we can be. We have the tools right in front of us to be our most amazing selves.

“The things we cling to out of fear, prevent us from growing” -Shannon Kaiser

When you procrastinate and stay stuck and do not make any decisions in any direction, are your feelings fear-based? Are you afraid you will make the wrong decision? Do you feel that things will always be this way, so what’s the point?


Friends, I understand. I have been there. If they gave out PhD’s in procrastination, I’d have one. And to be honest, there are days where I give into fear-based thinking and I let it get the better of me. But I keep pressing on and I do my best to change my mindset. Fear and all of its baggage have a way of dictating our lives when we should be the one to do that. Fear will prevent us from being the beautiful shining humans we were meant to be if we let it seep too deep into our conscious.

We were meant to renew. We were meant to regenerate. We were meant to grow.

We were not meant to stay stagnant.

“Change is difficult, and procrastination is easy- at least for the moment. But there is no reward in procrastination”. -The Minimalists

If you want to make changes, be mindful of the fact that feeling like you don’t have a choice, is a choice.

We all have choices. We all have the proverbial fork in the road. The question is, are you going on the left path or the right path, because staying stuck and keeping your feet right where they are can’t be your option. You were made for beautiful things, and if you need a push in that direction, here it is:

You are a warrior.

You are light, not darkness.

You are made for so much more.

You can do it.

You. Can. Do. It.

I believe in you β™₯


9 thoughts on “You Have a Choice

  1. I feel like you wrote this for me, Mackenzie. I can be the absolute worst procrastinator and especially on the things that matter most. I fear failing. I fear succeeding. I simply fear. It’s an awful way to live (because you’re not) and I’m working towards moving past fear into action. Some days I have to be extra stern with myself and accept no excuses, which is extra hard when you are the reigning Queen of Justification. But I have big dreams and fear and non-action will be the death of them. Thanks for such an important reminder.


  2. I get in that “paralyzed” state on occasion too – I think from anxiety. This morning though, I got two things off my to-do list that had previously stumped me. I just did them – knowing that they didn’t need to be perfect; they just needed to be done. That felt great : ) All the best in your own moments of indecision, Mackenzie.


  3. I have been working so hard this year and last on not letting fear paralyze me or dictate what I will do/won’t do on life. The change has been difficult, but SO worth it. It’s definitely a one-step-at-a-time deal, but I am moving forward. πŸ™‚


  4. I forget who said this quote and I’ll paraphrase it since I’m not sure, “if you always do what you’ve done, you’ll get what you got.” I think it was Zig Ziglar. In any case, you have to change to grow. I’m procrastinating with dating, and guess what, I’m still single! πŸ™‚ It’s funny how you can be motivated and brave in one area on your life, but stagnant in others.


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