October in the Rearview

Ah November, so glad to see you 🙂 October was a busy month and I am glad we are onto a new set of 30 days.

October was busy with school stuff for my daughter, my husband’s birthday, my mother-in-law coming in from out-of-town to visit, and just general busyness!! I know it is only going to get more hectic as the holiday season approaches, but that’s okay. Christmas music makes any errand or chore, that much more bearable   🙂

What I enjoyed this month: Football and hockey games on my tv! Woo hoo! Also, I have eaten an inordinate amount of homemade nachos this month. While they were good, I think I have eaten more tortilla chips in the month of October than I have the entire previous nine months of the year. I need to stem the tide people. I need to stem the tide.

What I am absolutely over: PUMPKIN ANYTHING! I am on a serious pumpkin overload. Really. I can’t take another picture of pumpkins, pumpkin drinks, especially pumpkin foods. When did everything suddenly have pumpkin in it??? I saw a recipe for pumpkin hummus the other day and I almost gagged. Garbanzo beans and pumpkin mixed together does not sound appetizing. In fact it sounds like this:


I am over pumpkins and I hope by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I will be able to eat pumpkin pie, let alone make it. Right now, apple pie is sounding like a better option.

(By the way, isn’t the above picture awesome? I snapped that photo while out trick-or-treating with my daughter)

Blog Posts I Loved:

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How was everyone’s October? Did you watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown“, like we did?  🙂


9 thoughts on “October in the Rearview

  1. I’m actually not a huge pumpkin fan and don’t think I’ve eaten anything pumpkin yet. The other day I did think about getting a pumpkin spice latte to just see what a coffee shop version tasted like. 🙂 Pumpkin hummus does not sound good to me either. It sounds like October was a really busy but good month for you! I love the pumpkin with its guts spewing out, so clever. Hopefully your daughter got a good haul on Halloween!


  2. LOL, that pic totally cracked me up!!! Hilarious! We never miss the Great Pumpkin special – it’s a must-see!! Homemade nachos are the BEST. I was doing really well with my eating, until Halloween came around. Two days of chocolate overload and now I’m working on recovery…..


  3. That is a fabulous pumpkin! I am actually going to write about that topic of eating too much of the same thing for Fruclassity tomorrow morning. I love pumpkin spice muffins though. (Though perhaps I shouldn’t be saying that to you : )


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