November in the Rearview

November flew by in a bit of blur, amiright?? Turkey day has come and gone and we are about to head into the mother lode of the busy holiday season  🙂

What I enjoyed this month: Decorating early for Christmas. I used to be a strict after-Thanksgiving decorator, but since becoming a mom, the decorations have come out earlier and earlier, and now I am pretty much a first-week-of-November-Christmas-decorator. #sorrynotsorry I love Christmas and since it is my favorite holiday, I feel like it should be celebrated for as long as possible.



Yes, I was one of gazillions who watched the brand new 4 90-minutes episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I laughed. I cried. I railed at the television when #thelastfourwords were spoken. I said a silent prayer that they would bring back Loralei and Rory for a second season, because we all need to know…WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN??!!! Also, can they just give Paris Gellar her own show? Because she literally makes me cry-laugh and I realize how much I miss her witty take-downs  🙂

What I am absolutely over: Politics. Enough said.

November was a fun month as I got to chaperone my daughter’s school field trip. Yay!!! And I also started exercising again, as it had been awhile (over a month) and I needed to get back in the saddle so to speak. I just hadn’t been making the time to exercise but I need to make it a priority again, because I honestly feel better after getting in some movement in my limbs, you know what I mean?

November was also the month that I apparently was in “documentary mode”. I watched more documentaries this month than I have in probably my entire life. I like watching them, it is just that I usually watch movies when I do get a block of time to watch something. That being said, I watched some interesting stuff. I don’t remember the actual names of the documentaries but this is what they were about:

♦ 2 separate but equally interesting documentaries on silent screen star Mary Pickford

♦ a documentary about the Dust Bowl that struck the U.S. during The Great Depression in the 1930’s

♦ a documentary on the Wisconsin primary race between Hubert Humphrey and John F. Kennedy in 1960.

♦ a documentary about the British Mail delivery system between England and Scotland in the mid-1930’s

♦ a documentary about the Kennedy assassination before, after and during which took place over a period of four days in Dallas, Texas.

I know, my choices were all over the place but I didn’t even realize I had watched this many until I started tabulating them all. I look forward to watching more!

Well that’s it for me folks. I am looking forward to December and Christmas and 24 hours of A Christmas Story  🙂

How was your November? Did you watch Gilmore Girls?




4 thoughts on “November in the Rearview

  1. I just finished the gilmore girls last night. I counted three words at the end. Maybe I have to go back and re-watch. It was great overall, but kind of of sad, am I right? The first two episodes were weird and kind of slow, but the last two were amazing. I agree about Paris. She’s hilarious. I liked the mom’s storyline too. And the musical? Sign me up to go see it. I was with the townspeople on that one!


  2. Oh gosh, I feel terrible admitting this but I don’t decorate for Christmas. I don’t host any festivities at my home and go for the actual holiday, so I really Grinch-it-up in my home. But I make lots of holiday treats, rock holiday music and watch Christmas shows so I swear I have holiday spirit! I actually miss helping my Mom decorate, because that’s the fun part – I don’t like the taking down and putting away part so much! I take it Bailey must also do okay with the Christmas tree? Max, I don’t think would be so well-behaved! Everyone is talking about Gilmore Girls but that’s a show I never watched. It’s awesome that it got a revival though and the ending the original creator wanted but wasn’t able to give until now.


    • We have a fake Christmas tree because cats and real trees do not mix! Bailey already tries to chew on the tree when he thinks no one is looking!! Ugh, he’s a stinker that one 😉

      I get that not everyone is on the Gilmore Girls train. When people talk about The Hunger Games or any of those shows with zombies, I’m like “Huh?” 🙂


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