Currently: The Farmer’s Market Edition

We are approaching the end of October and here in California, Mother Nature hasn’t received the memo that the seasons have changed and that it is no longer Summer. Today marked our 3rd straight day of triple digit temperatures. Good grief, right? Everybody else is running through leaves and wearing scarves already, and we are over here drinking gallons of water, lathering ourselves in SPF 700 sunscreen, and blessing whomever created the air conditioner. The weather-people who smile on our television sets, standing in front of green screens with our cities listed on them, have promised us that the heat will dissipate, so we’ll see…  🙂

What I Enjoyed This Past Month: Our trip to the local farmer’s market!


We picked up some great stuff, including the best pumpkin seeds I’ve ever had! Apple Pie-Spiced Pumpkin seeds are my new favorite thing, and these did not last long in our house!  And the strawberries were so good! I used some of them to make Strawberry Muffins, and let me tell you, those were yummy as well!

One of my big 3rd trimester cravings (besides barbecue potato chips  🙂 ) is strawberries. I seriously cannot get enough of them! So these strawberries were definitely put to good use!

What I Am Absolutely Over: Bad news in general. Every day is bloody awful. Is there like, a “happy news” channel we all can subscribe to? I think our brains are overloaded by the sheer madness of everything…

On The Healthy Living/Pregnancy Front: As I mentioned above, my serious cravings have been for strawberries and barbecue potato chips, although not eaten together because, ewwwww… I am officially 8 months pregnant and when I look straight down, I can no longer see my feet, so there’s that  🙂 We just purchased the car seat for the baby last week so things are starting to come together!

On The Minimalism/Decluttering Front: Definitely, definitely working on this! If you missed my latest post on decluttering, you can read it here.

In Other News: I recently finished this book about Eleanor Roosevelt.


I originally purchased this book last year at our local library’s book sale for 25 cents. Yes, you read that right: 25 cents. Then as you know, life happens and then the whole “I keep meaning to read this book” thing kept happening, and finally I hunkered down and read it. It took almost three weeks to finish because I don’t have a lot of free time to read and also the book was over 600 pages, which is probably what inhibited me from starting it in the first place.

But this book, which chronicles Eleanor’s life in the White House while her husband Franklin was president for the years 1932-1938, was really, really informative and honestly, really good. I am a great admirer of Eleanor’s and I have previously read her autobiography. She did so much as First Lady and really tried to help the people she felt were being forgotten during the Great Depression. She also tried to help pass an Anti-Lynching bill during a time when that senseless act of murder was still a component to instill fear in the Deep South.

This book was a great read and I definitely want to read this author’s other books on Eleanor Roosevelt that take place before and after this particular time period.

How has October been for you guys?  🙂


4 thoughts on “Currently: The Farmer’s Market Edition

  1. Definitely over the heat! I want fall dammit…as best as LA can do for that, i.e., no changing leaves. I’ve been severely limiting social media which has helped on the bad news front. I’m not even watching any downer tv shows like this is us anymore or anything violent. I’m seriously watching Friends every night. I need it right now.

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    • I hear ya about the news. I’ve really been limiting twitter which with all the news stories, can cause a person to go into a spontaneous rage at any second! 😦 Watching “Friends” is definitely a good antidote to what is going on in the world. That show never gets old! 😀


  2. This heat. I’m so freaking over it. I want Fall. Heck, I was envious when my Mom told me that it might snow in MN today because that actually sounded nice! And I cannot imagine how much worse this heat must feel when you’re 8 months pregnant! You got a great haul at the Farmer’s Market. I love that we can get such great produce year-round. Those pumpkin seeds look very, very tasty. I’m so over the bad news too. And I can’t figure out how to balance, because I don’t feel outright ignoring the news (minus short-term sanity breaks) is the answer but it weighs so hard on you after a while too. Glad you got the new car seat, are you feeling ready? The Eleanor book sounds interesting. I’m normally not a big fan of memoirs but I do have a lot of respect for First Lady Roosevelt.

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  3. OMG Tanya, you would LOVE the pumpkin seeds!! They were seriously so good!

    The news is so awful, it stresses me out so I’ve been limiting how much I am on twitter. Twitter just seems to be one bad news cycle after another, and I have just simply cut back.

    Hopefully with November beginning next week, it will actually feel like Fall! Fingers crossed 🙂


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