Minimizing: Wardrobe Declutter

So I mentioned last month that my goal for March is to simplify. March is the start of Spring here in the states and everything seems fresh and new. A perfect time to get rid of what’s been weighing me down.

I decided to start with my wardrobe.

I do not have a ton of clothes, nor are they super stylish (read: expensive). I am not a fashion blogger or fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. I do not own clothes with price tags still attached or super trendy accessories.


I will hold on to “just in case” clothes. You know what I am referring to, right? “Well, I’ll keep these pants which are too big, just in case I go up a size” or “This skirt isn’t really my style, but I might have an occasion to wear it so I’ll keep it just in case“.

Sound familiar?

I also will tend to hold on to shirts that have long passed their expiration date. They are either stretched out of shape from repeated washings, have holes, stains, or their color has faded.

In order to simplify my wardrobe and get rid of items I no longer use, I read up on capsule wardrobes which basically are a set amount, a very small amount actually, of clothing/accessories that you use and most articles I have read, have it set up seasonally. Meaning, your capsule wardrobe for winter will look different when you put together your capsule wardrobe for summer.

But here is the thing: I live in Southern California. While it has been cold the past few days, our winters are usually very mild. Unless you live in a snow-prevalent area, your winter wardrobe isn’t anything to write home about.Β  I am sure most So-Cal’ers own several pairs of shorts and flip-flops.

So when I started to ruthlessly attack my wardrobe this weekend, I kept in mind several things.

One, is the item wearable? Does it have holes? Is it tattered?

Two, when is the last time I wore the item? I know most people operate under the six months rule, which states, if you haven’t worn something in six months, you are never going to wear it, and should just toss it. However, six months ago I was pregnant, so I can’t operate under that particular dictum.

Three, is the item comfortable? Is it itchy? Do I get hot wearing it? Is it too tight? Too big?

Four, do I like the color of the item? Does this color reflect well on me?

Five, do I genuinely enjoy wearing the item? Or am I just meh about it?

These are the criteria I came up with for myself when going through my wardrobe. And by the time I was done, I had three separate piles of clothes to donate.

Some are maternity clothes which I hope some mama-to-be out there will enjoy!

FullSizeR (4)

I also got rid of some scarves I have had for at least 20 years. Me, who hates scarves with an ever-loving passion. I always feel like I am being strangled whenever I wear one. See also: turtlenecks. And again, I live somewhere where they really aren’t needed.


I have empty hangers in my closet which makes me happy! I will be spending a bit of money to replace a white t-shirt I have that is stained, because I wear white t-shirts several times a week.

I am thrilled with my results from the weekend and I can’t wait to share with you some more tidbits I learned with this project!

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7 thoughts on “Minimizing: Wardrobe Declutter

  1. Girl I’m totally with you on scarves and turtlenecks. I guess people out there are just gonna gave to watch me age via my next. lol! Well, haven’t had “work done” so I guess they can see that on my face too. I’ll be it feels really good to get down to the basics eh?

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  2. When I moved here from Minneapolis, I kept my winter coat (for when I visit home at Christmas) and one sweater. I gave away the rest of my winter clothes. Because you’re right – my winter wardrobe is pretty similar to my summer one. πŸ˜€ I weeded out my closet last Spring and it felt good. It could probably use another look-through but I’m waiting until I reach my final weight. It will, hopefully, make it feel more celebratory versus a chore. I’m somewhat familiar with capsule wardrobes but I’m not sure if I could go that minimalist. Alas, I sadly still do have clothes with price tags on them. The good news is that they are really old items that I kept because I am hopeful that I will wear them when they finally fit me. I was notorious for buying clothes that would look great if I lose 10 lbs, which I never did, but I have thankfully broken myself of that habit. Can’t wait to hear more about what you learned!


    • Yup, our seasons are definitely interchangeable here in SoCal!

      I hear ya about capsule wardrobes… for me personally, I tend to wear the same things over and over again, like a uniform of sorts: Jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes or Converse. So having all these extra items, just didn’t make sense.


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