As The Page Turns: February Edition

Hey all! I am surprised at the number of books I was able to read in the last month or so, considering I have a baby at home, but I am not complaining! Let’s get on with it, shall we?Β  πŸ™‚

The Life We Bury

FullSizeR (8)

I liked this book but I figured out what was going on pretty quickly and so when the ending bared out what I believed to have happened, I was a bit disappointed. But, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good book, because it was!

Elizabeth Is Missing

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I loved this book!!! Someone on the last book blog round-up mentioned this book and the premise sounded so interesting. A woman who has dementia, believes her friend Elizabeth to be missing. She leaves notes for herself that she thinks are clues, but she is also rapidly losing her mind. Does she find Elizabeth? Was she really missing? You’ll have to read it to find out!Β  πŸ˜‰

Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

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This book was a total bait and switch. I picked this book to read thinking, along with several other readers it turns out, that it was about a true missing persons case that occurred in 1917 and the woman who solved the case. Turns out, the case doesn’t even take up half the book. The author spends an inordinate amount of time bringing up other cases that the detective/lawyer Grace has solved and even ones where she doesn’t. And it is boring as hell. Seriously.

This book jumps all over the place and you are like, WTF most of the time. It also suffered from a serious lack ofΒ editing.

Do not recommend. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Last Christmas in Paris

FullSizeR (9)

This book was another recommendation from the last book blog round-up. I thought it was just okay. This novel, about friends that write letters to each other during the First World War and promise to meet in Paris for Christmas, was predictable and trite. I also feel like the authors picked all the moments from history that happened during that time frame, and made all of them happen to those characters. A serious pet-peeve of mine.

No Shred of Evidence


Charles Todd is one of my favorite mystery authors, so it probably was a given that I would enjoy this bookΒ πŸ™‚ If you enjoy post World War One mysteries concerning a detective from Scotland Yard, than definitely check out the Ian Rutledge series!

DID NOT FINISH: The Mitford Murders by Jessica Fellowes. I tried and tried but could not get past the first couple of chapters. The book just couldn’t hold my interest. I hate giving up on a book, but I had to.

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What have you guys read lately? Let me know!


16 thoughts on “As The Page Turns: February Edition

  1. oh bummer about the last christmas in paris book, i’ve heard good things. i also hate when authors make all the things in history happen to all the people. it seems lazy almost? i’ll still give it a go though, it’s calling my name lol


  2. I really liked The Life We Bury but I really love Joe and Jeremy and their relationship. I also enjoyed the straightforwardness of the book after so many unreliable narrators. Plus, I knew all the places they referenced and I always give bonus points for that πŸ˜€ Adding Elizabeth is Missing to my TBR. Good to know about Mrs Sherlock Holmes because you know how I feel about Sherlock. And I’m pretty sure this book is on my TBR and now needs to be removed! I still need to read a Charles Todd book. πŸ˜€

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  3. I enjoyed Last Christmas in Paris but I went into it thinking it’d be a cutesy quick wartime love story and it was. Lol
    Bummer about Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. It sounds like that one had real potential. I’d have picked it up based on the title. Avoiding it now.


    • Lol, I guess I should have had a different mindset about Last Christmas In Paris πŸ™‚ Yes, please don’t read Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. It’s funny, when I finished the book and I was like what the heck did I just read, I went on Goodreads to read other people’s reviews and they felt exactly the same way! Total bait and switch, ugh…


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