As The Page Turns: March Edition

I read a lot more books than I thought this month which is a good thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Woman In Cabin 10


I decided to jump into the literary cesspool that is Ruth Ware. I started with this book, The Woman In Cabin 10, and I have to say, that it was just….okay. I had heard people on the good ‘ol interwebs, waxing poetic about this book and how ah-mazing it was, and could you believe how it all turned out?

Um, yeah I could. I figured out who the woman in cabin 10 was pretty quickly. This isn’t a brag or anything, it just speaks to the author’s writing and set up of the plot and characters. Also, the narrator really could not have figured any of this out, when she is massively drunk throughout most of the book.

The Lying Game


Ugh, horrible, horrible book. I couldn’t even finish the damn thing. It started so slowly and the premise just stretched all imagination. I literally wanted to throw this book across the room, and I wondered if it was just me. So, I went on Goodreads and looked up reviews onย The Lying Gameย and found out that I am not alone in my revulsion of this book. Some of the reviews were completely eviscerating, and I felt better about my utter contempt of this drivel.

I have a 3rd Ruth Ware book on my TBR list and am seriously debating whether to remove it.

The Trust


I picked this book up in the New Releases section not knowing anything about the author or any past publications. I was pleasantly surprised! ๐Ÿ™‚ This book revolves around the main character Liam, and his having to go back to Northern Ireland for his uncle’s funeral. He learns that his uncle has set up a trust to find out who murdered him and has set up Liam as his trustee. Oh, and other family members start getting bumped off while Liam is trying to find out what the heck is going on and who is behind all this.

Definitely kept me engaged!

Rosie Colored Glasses


Oh my gosh, this book. I felt all the feelings reading this. I identified so much with the daughter Willow and could relate to the tumultuousness of childhood when things are completely out of your control. I really enjoyed this book.

Everything That Remains


This one is a re-read for me. This book was written by The Minimalists and I read it again for some minimalist inspiration.

The Gate Keeper


Yay, a brand new Charles Todd book! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this series featuring Scotland Yard detective Ian Rutledge because it takes place in an era where there were no computers, no forensics, just straight up hard work, to find out “whodunit”. If you like mysteries like that, I highly recommend this series!

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16 thoughts on “As The Page Turns: March Edition

  1. Jana despises Ruth Ware and now reading your reviews, I’m going to give myself a smug pat on the back for not picking up any of her books. ๐Ÿ˜€ Seriously, though, nothing irritates me more than when a twist is dumb (and more far-fetched than shocking) or the “bad guy” so obvious due to poor writing/plotting versus excellent reasoning and sleuthing by yours truly. I say this every time you review Charles Todd, so I’ll say it again – I need to read him.


  2. i have not read a ruth ware book but i think i have a couple on my list just to see what the fuss/hate is about. but i don’t think i really want to read them, so maybe i will skip them.


  3. In a Dark, Dark Wood was pretty good. I couldn’t even read all of Cabin 10 though. I skimmed a lot and when I heard people say how good it was, I wondered if we were looking at the same book.
    So I didn’t feel tempted to try The Lying Game.


  4. I freaking hated The Woman in Cabin 10. I figured it out SO early on. I’m giggling at Jana chiming in up there ^ . When I gave my poor review she was first in line to agree. Ha. I was going to give The Lying Game a chance but now I don’t know……. lol. Haven’t even bothered with her other one.


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