Minimizing in March


Happy March friends! ๐Ÿ™‚ Spring is on its way, can you feel it?

Although I am a person who is not a fan of clutter and excess stuff, sometimes life and its baggage creep into the living abode. Whether it is paperwork, a junk drawer that has long exceeded its usefulness, or countertops that are not being used ideally because there are ill-placed items on them, clutter has a way of making its presence known. Well I see you clutter and it is time for you to go!

I feel like March is the ideal month to do a bit of spring cleaning, don’t you? Want to join me in minimizing your living space these next few weeks? Okay! So here is what I am focusing on this month. It’ll be easy-peasy, lemon-squeazy!


Junk drawers are the worst, aren’t they? Ugh… A “catch-all” is one thing, but junk drawers have a way of spilling over to other drawers and pretty soon, you have several of them filled with sheer nonsense. So I am tackling these junk drawers along with my cooking utensil ones as well.


Countertops are not for unopened mail with postmarks of over a week prior. It’s not for random pens and paper that somehow are not placed back where they should be. Keys have their place as do sunglasses. I am taking back my countertops!!!!!!


Friends, how many emails do you get in your inbox a day? How many of them are for things you are no longer interested in? Yup, me too. Time to do a little unsubscribing. For example:

(*) Blogs you are no longer interested in. There are some mom blogs that I used to read back when my daughter was a toddler, you know around the 2 to 3 year age range. Well, these mom blogs no longer interest me and many of them are for families with several children whereas I only have one child, so they are just no longer applicable to my life.

(*) Advertising emails you inadvertently signed up for. I purchased a hat for my husband for Christmas which bears the logo of his favorite football team. Well since then, every day in my inbox are emails from this company letting me know all the glorious sales that they are constantly having. Um, no thanks…


I am going to do a thorough sorting of my medicine cabinet. Expired medicine has no business being there and make-up that is past its prime has got to go as well.

See how easy this is going to be? Three simple things to focus on that anybody can do and it doesn’t require giving up several weekends to do itย  ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s get started! Who’s with me? โ™ฅ


9 thoughts on “Minimizing in March

  1. Yes! I always have the urge to purge in March myself. I think I’ll tackle my junk drawer as you suggest. Also, my home office is a repository for all manner of junk that I don’t know where to put. Time to winnow down that room as well. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. “Whoโ€™s with me?” I am! Next week is March Break (I work at a school) and while my colleagues fly south, I’ll stay home . . . and DE-CLUTTER! It’s my goal for the week, and you’ve just reinforced it. At the very least, I’ll do my bedroom, bathroom, and “office” (spare bedroom). There. It’s official.


  3. Decluttering has been on my mind lately. I’ve become an expert at “hiding” junk to make my home like somewhat clean and organized. But it’s definitely not organized. I’ve been dreading doing it but it’s time to get started. I’m actually planning to tackle a room at a time and one area at a time because I tend to overwhelm myself and do nothing. But I can clean out a closet. A dresser. A desk. I’m going to be cranky when I start the job but I will be very, very happy when it is done!


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